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Welcome to Appleblossom Academy! It's your first day of school in a small town and you're already introduced to some new friends. Find a girl that's best for you and get to know her! Choose who you hang out with carefully!

The routes themselves are fairly simplistic and short, but there are multiple girls and multiple endings to get. Try getting them all!

~A talking/friendship/dating sim (less so dating because it's only your first day. You're just meeting these girls!)~

***This game was made just for fun and to try out a program specifically for visual novels. It's not to be taken too seriously, as it was originally intended to be a parody game. If there are any issues with the game, please let me know!

****ALSO (this is last note I'll make, I swear) whenever you save and then load back into the game, the background will change or turn black. This is not exactly something I can fix for reasons hard to explain, but the background will quickly come back so it's nothing to worry about. The save and load feature probably doesn't need to be used much anyways since the game is pretty short.

Thank you for playing ★~(◡﹏◕✿)


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